From 1967 Quality and Fashion in Italian Curtains


ROSSITEX® offers various interior curtains and fabrics collections. These collections comprise mainly modern fire-resistant fabrics and curtains, designed for contract.

Cipratex®: in 1977 this company started embroiding its own curtains and soon became popular for the originality of its over 500 patterns realized on Belfast®, which is a high quality linen blend fabric. In 2005 it became part of the Rossitex® group and its collections were further enriched with precious embroided tulles and Calais laces.

MAZZARI®: this brand was established in 1952 and it is well-known in the Italian interior textile sector. It produces a wide range of high quality fabrics and velvets. Mazzari’s products help to create an environment furnished with good taste, which meet the desire to live in a house where upholstery is a discrete and elegant feature.